Using Static Symbolic Execution to Detect Buffer Overflows


Buffer overrun remains one of the main sources of errors and vulnerabilities in the C/C++ source code. To detect such kind of defects, static analysis is widely used. In this paper, we propose a path-sensitive static analysis based on symbolic execution with state merging. For buffers with compile-time-known sizes, we present an interprocedural path- and context-sensitive overrun detection algorithm that finds program points satisfying a proposed error definition. The described approach was implemented in the Svace static analyzer without significant loss of performance. On Android 5.0.2, these detectors generated 351 warnings, 64% of which were true positives. In addition, we describe a prototype of an intraprocedural heap buffer overflow detector and present an example of a defect found by this detector.

Authors: Dudina, I. A. and Belevantsev, A. A.